Beard Baubles

The xmas card that went viral. During December 2014, regular people around the globe were talking about Beard Baubles and Grey London. People couldn't get enough of them and within 48 hours, all our stock sold out completely.

We were interviewed on radio shows, on Channel 5, and Mashable and made global news on the likes of ABC news, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Good Morning Britain, Esquire to name a few. Even Miley Cyrus was into them. 

Beard Baubles was one of the most Googled search terms in December 2014. 

Nowadays, we've handed production of Beard Baubles over to a novelty gifts company, but we still hand over any profits to Cancer Research. They're now stocked in stores such as Next, Tesco, Asos Urban Outfitters and Paperchase. 

More media coverage can be found on the link below.