Beard Baubles

In December 2014, we invented Beard Baubles. 

Almost immediately after posting Beard Baubles for sale online, our story went viral, and we sold out completely. We were interviewed on BBC radio, Channel 5 News & Mashable. Elsewhere, our Beard Baubles featured on news channels and in publications on every corner of the earth, including ABC News, USA TodayGood Morning Britain to name but a few. Our partnership began with Beard Season in Australia, but we've since donated to local charities.

Year on year, the demand for xmas beard accessories has increased and we've partnered with a novelty gifts company to add more beard accessories to the range: Beard Lights, Beard Bells, Beard Bunting. In fact, in the Financial Times wrote an article on investing in the xmas accessories market, and CNBC on investing in beards.

Before we could copyright the idea worldwide, identical products cropped up in various other countries. One of our American customers even took Beard Baubles on Shark Tank - getting around our copyright by calling them Beardaments - and securing a deal with Kevin O'Leary 😂 

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