Beard Baubles

Beard Baubles. The agency xmas card that went viral. 

People around the world went crazy for our little ornaments and we sold out almost immediately. The interest was huge. We were interviewed on radio shows, Channel 5 News & Mashable and our Beard Baubles were featured on the likes of ABC News, USA TodayGood Morning Britain to name but a few. 

Initially we thought the trend would phase out after a couple of years. However, the desire for xmas beard accessories actually increased and demand meant we had to partner with a novelty gifts company. The range quickly expanded to include Beard Lights, Beard Bells, Beard Bunting and identical products cropped up in other countries, before we could properly copyright the idea. The trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, last year the Financial Times wrote an article on investing in the xmas accessories market.